bambica is a creative platform for modern contemporary furniture using bamboo and other sustainable materials.

the system can be constructed and reconstructed in different forms. we strive to put creativity into the hands of our customers, giving the opportunity to take ownership of the design process.   

the ability to break down and flat pack the shelf allows for efficient transport, minimizing transportation costs, maximizing the lifetime value of the product.  

bambica stands for individual creativity. 

further, our values as a design firm are encapsulated in our motto, "industrial green", which we see as an invitation to better design.

 our industrial values include

  • modular concepts promote utility 
  • durable, long lasting products; an investment
  • precise, modern style, pleasing to the eye and touch
  • useful products, for the way we live now

our green values include

  • renewable resources such as bamboo 
  • reusable, repurposable
  • compact, flat packed, for efficient transportation
  • non-toxic glues, chemicals and processes